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Bark control products, 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
Stop dog barking with the Dog Silencer Pro bark control training product
Train Your Dog or Your Neighbors Dogs to stop Barking.
BarkWise™ no-shock training collars
Safe, humane and easy to use. Uses ultrasonic sound and/or vibration to deter your dog's barking.
Stop dog barking
Stop dog barking
Money Back Guarantee

Why You Shouldn't Buy a Shock Collar

At Good Life® we believe that shock collars are inhumane and potentially unsafe for use on dogs.
We have collected some shock collar video samples to display why we think they are an inhumane choice as a bark deterrent for your dog. If you'd like to safely train your dog to stop unnecessary barking, we suggest using our BarkWise™ no-shock training collars. In just a short time your dog learns to associate barking with an annoying vibration - instead of a painful shock.

After watching these videos, would you want to put a shock collar on your dog?